The tips of making delicious steamed dumplings(Jiaozi) by using a steam cooker! How to find the right cooking time of steamed dumplings?

Many people love to eat dumplings, but many people often fail to cook dumplings. How to find the right cooking time for boiling frozen dumplings? How many times does water add when boiling dumplings? I can not get the tip to cook the dumplings successfully every time, so I thought that the frozen dumplings can be steamed? The answer is yes, we can steaming the dumplings by using a steam cooker and steaming dumplings is much simpler than boiling dumplings. Steaming dumplings is a delicious and quick dinner and you can eat starch, protein, and vegetable fiber at the same time. The steps of steaming dumplings are organized below and shared with you. I hope every out-eater and apartment renter can eat delicious hot steamed dumplings after read this article.

The tips to the deliciousness of steamed dumplings: After the steam cooker is done cooking, open the pot lid for a few seconds to let the dumpling skin shrink and then cover it to keep warm. The dumpling skin will not be hard, soft and chewy

The steps and tips of delicious steamed dumplings

  1. Do not thaw the frozen dumplings!!!
  2. Oil the bottom of pot to prevent dumplings sticking
  3. Pour 1 cup of water into the steam cooker (just enough to steam dumplings for about 10-15 minutes).
  4. After the steam cooker is done cooking, open the pot lid to let the heat come out, and then cover the pot lid
  5. Wait for 3-5 minutes after the pot lid is covered, and then you can get delicious dumplings

The steps of steamed dumplings(Jiaozi)

Step 1: Oil the bottom of plate to prevent the dumpling skin from sticking to the plate


Step 2: Only needs a cup of water to put in steam cooker


Step 3: Remember to set a steamer rack, then we can easy to take out the dumplings


Step 4: The steam cooker will finish after 10 minutes to 15 minutes.


Step 5: You can see that the dumpling skin is very swollen after the steam cooker finishes.


Step 6: After opening the pot lid, let the dumpling skin shrink. Cover the pot lid again, let the remaining heat steam it for another five minutes.


Step 7: Digin, the dumplings look very delicious (real picture without retouch)


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Yummy dumpling brands for sharing

I really like eating dumplings very much. I gather many tastes and flavors of the dumplings I have eaten and share with you.

Biaotaro Handmade Dumplings(標太郎手工水餃)

Biaotaro dumplings(標太郎手工水餃) has three taste : cabbage pork, stir fried pork, and vegetarian. This time I ordered cabbage pork and pork belly. I am looking forward to stir fried pork handmade dumplings. Stir fried pork dumplings look very creative. I hope I can try quickly.

  • [Biaotaro] Handmade Pork Dumplings (700g/35 Pieces) /Pack)
  • [Biaotaro] Handmade Stir fried Pork Dumplings with Throwing (600g/30 Pieces) /Pack)
  • [Biaotaro] Vegetarian Handmade Dumplings (700g/35pcs/pack)

I-MEI handmade dumplings

I-MEI handmade dumplings have two flavors of pork with leek, pork with cabbage and corn. The dumplings are packed in plastic boxes and are different from other large-sized frozen dumplings. You can eat 15 pieces of dumplings for a meal. The dumpling skin is chewy and very delicious. I prefer the flavor of pork with cabbage and corn. The taste of mixing corn and cabbage makes the pork meat not too greasy and sweet.

  • Weight: 800g
  • Price: 95 taiwan dollars
  • Flavor: Pork with leek, Pork with cabbage and corn, Chicken with melon

Dinghao supermarket handmade dumplings

Dinghao supermarket handmade dumplings have four Own-brand frozen dumplings.  Frozen handmade dumplings and cooked dumplings have two flavors: leek pork and cabbage pork. Dinghao supermarket handmade dumplings are good value for the money I have ever bought. I can recommend it for you, if you just want to be full, and this dumpling tasted only meat flavor, without that much spice flavor. I personally recommend it!

  • Weight: 900g
  • Price: 95 Taiwan Dollars
  • taste : The size of pork leek and pork cabbage

Frequently asked question and the tips of delicious steamed dumplings

Steaming time of steamed dumplings

Both frozen dumplings or freshly handmade dumplings, you can use a steam cooker to steam dumplings for 15 minutes, and the dumplings can not be stacked too much. The tip is to let the hot water vapor heat the dumplings enough.
1. Put a cup of water (100ml) in the steam cooker, steam for about 15 minutes, and the steam cooker will jumps to a finish
2. When the steam cooker jumps to a finish, open the pot lid, let hot air come out, and quickly cover the pot lid again.
3. Let the residual temperature of the steam cooker continue to keep warm and continue to steam dumplings, wait for another 5 minutes.

How do you cook frozen gyoza dumplings with Boxed lunch?


Oiling seldom olive oil in the bottom of the glass box, and spread the side of the box by a dumplings. After Layer the dumplings, cover the olive oil in the dumplins then cover remaining dumplings in the second layer and steam. After the steam finishes, let the box cool and put it in the refrigerator, you can get a delicious dumplings for lunch tomorrow.
(The reason for using the glass crisper is because it can be directly heat by microwave oven)。

How to cook dumplings in a Tatung steamer cooker?


About a bowl of frozen dumplings (do not defrost), put two cups of water and wait about 10 minutes after th steam finishes. Prepare about a dozen frozen pork dumplings. It is better to steam them in a bowl than in a plate and take them out of the Tatung steamer cooker. (Cream the bowl with olive oil to avoid dumplings sticking to the bowl.)

What is the secret to good dumplings?

Frozen dumplings do not defrost, use a cup of water in the steamer cooker for 10 minutes, open the pot lid and cover the pot lid again. Wait for another 5 minutes and take it out of the  steamer cooker. You can see more detail steps in this article about The tips of making delicious steamed dumplings(Jiaozi) by using a steam cooker within 15 minutes

The reason of the dumpling skins are hard after steamed

Dumpling skins will become very hard if the dumpling is kept warm for too long in a steam cooker and the water of the dumpling skins will evaporate. Please refer to making delicious dumplings in 15 minutes, get more tips to have flavor dumplings.

The secret to the deliciousness of steamed dumplings with steam cooker

In order to prevent the dumpling skins from being soft and rotten, we can not defrost frozen dumplings. After the steaming, let the hot steam come out and then cover the pot, the dumpling skin will shrink and taste chewy texture. Because the water inside the dumplings is heated by the temperature of the steam cooker and turns into water vapor, each dumpling skin will swell like a hot air balloon, so let the temperature cool down quickly, and then let the residual temperature of the steam cooker heat it up. Prevent the dumpling skin from becoming hard, eat the dumplings quickly. More tips on steaming dumplings, please refer to making delicious dumplings in 15 minutes.

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