Enoshima Tako Senbei in Kamakura: Super Large Octopus and Tiger Prawn Crab Delight!

Tako senbei Enoshima as Must-Buy Souvenir at Enoshima: Fresh Whole Octopus Senbei, Larger than Your Face! Don’t Regret Missing Out on This Delightful Snack. Plus, Enjoy a Comfortable Seating Area Nearby!

Octopus Senbei、Tiger Prawn Senbei

Tako senbei Enoshima(あさひ本店)

On a one-day trip to Kamakura, we first visited the Slam Dunk pedestrian crossing, so by the time we arrived at Enoshima, it was already evening. However, there was still a long queue of people waiting in front of the Asadodo main store, where the aroma of freshly baked goods wafted through the air. Since we hadn’t had dinner yet, seeing other customers with their huge whole octopus senbei made us feel envious and our mouths water. Asadodo has two storefronts, and most of the crowd gathered at the other one, which sells mainly souvenirs. Before reaching the main store, we came across a vending machine where we could buy the senbei.

How to Purchase Tako senbei

Many Japanese stores use vending machines for efficiency and hygiene, and Asahi Honpo also uses them for purchasing their senbei. Each button on the machine is labeled with a picture of octopus, crab, or tiger prawn. Unfortunately, the crab flavor was sold out on the day of the visit.

  1. Select desired senbei on the vending machine (note: selecting two octopus means you will receive two senbei).
  2. The machine will dispense a purchase ticket.
  3. When it’s almost your turn, exchange the ticket with the staff for the senbei.

Octopus Senbei Price: ¥400

Octopus senbei costs ¥400 per half piece, which is one whole octopus. The taste is quite salty, likely due to the freshness of the pressed octopus. It is recommended to share one between two people as it is quite large and hard to bite into. If you prefer a softer texture, it’s recommended to try the tiger prawn flavor instead.

Tiger Prawn Senbei Price: ¥600

The must-have item for taking photos and checking in is the Tiger Prawn Senbei. The shrimp shape is fresh and visible, with a scent of shrimp. Even the skin of the senbei has a shrimp flavor. Don’t miss out on this Tiger Prawn Senbei! By the way, the shrimp shell has become very crispy, making it very easy to eat, you’ll want to keep eating it one after another!

The process of making the Octopus Senbei

The staff are used to visitors taking photos, and they kindly held up a whole octopus for me to take close-up pictures in front of the glass display case.

  1. Pour the batter into the molds.
  2. Add pieces of octopus or tiger prawn.
  3. Press the molds using a special high-temperature device.
  4. Cut off the excess batter using scissors.

Souvenir of Tako senbei(あさひ本店)

If you don’t want to wait, you can also directly purchase the souvenir. I calculated the price, and the souvenir price is the same as the current price. However, if you buy a gift box, it should be cheaper by a few tens of yen!

Tako senbei Enoshima Address(あさひ本店)

〒251-0036 神奈川県藤沢市江の島1丁目4−9

Photos of Tako senbei(あさひ本店)

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